Friday, December 16, 2016

Abstract-Investigation of terahertz radiation influence on rat glial cells

Mariia Borovkova, Maria Serebriakova, Viacheslav Fedorov, Egor Sedykh, Vladimir Vaks, Alexander Lichutin, Alina Salnikova, and Mikhail Khodzitsky

We studied an influence of continuous terahertz (THz) radiation (0.12 – 0.18 THz, average power density of 3.2 mW/cm2) on a rat glial cell line. A dose-dependent cytotoxic effect of THz radiation is demonstrated. After 1 minute of THz radiation exposure a relative number of apoptotic cells increased in 1.5 times, after 3 minutes it doubled. This result confirms the concept of biological hazard of intense THz radiation. Diagnostic applications of THz radiation can be restricted by the radiation power density and exposure time.
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