Sunday, July 24, 2016

Abstract- Design of mid-infrared ultra-wideband metallic absorber based on circuit

  • Kamalodin Arik
  • Sajjad Abdollahramezani
  • Saeed Farajollahi
  • Amin Khavasi
  • Behzad Rejaei

An ultra-broadband absorber of light is proposed by using periodic array of ultra-thin metallic ribbons on top of a lossless quarter-wavelength dielectric spacer placed on a metallic reflector. We propose a fully analytical circuit model for the structure, and then the absorber is duly designed based on the impedance matching concept. As a result, normalized bandwidth of 99.5% is realized by the proposed absorbing structure in mid-infrared regime. Performing a numerical optimization algorithm, we could also reach to normalized bandwidth of 103%. 

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