Advanced Photonix Announces *FIRST* Commercial Deployment of a Terahertz System to a Private Commercial User

Monday, January 10, 2011

Advanced Photonix, Inc. Announces The First Ever Online Deployment of a Terahertz System for Quality & Process Control

My note: Huge news for API and for THz in general please note the highlighted language. 

ANN ARBOR, Mich.Jan. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Photonix, Inc.® (NYSE Amex: API) announced today that its terahertz system, the T-Ray 4000®, will be deployed on a factory line for quality and process control at a major manufacturer of extruded web products. This ground breaking advancement in terahertz deployment is the first in a number of industrial applications under development to help manufacturers improve their process control while using a non-contact sensor that has no radioactive sources or no ionizing radiation.
API is the first company to commercialize terahertz technology and deploy it to the factory floor through the use of its patented fiber coupled transmitters and receivers. This enabling technology gives the end user the flexibility to mount the sensors on a scanning frame without contacting or impeding the product, and to collect more information and data to control the manufacturing process for tighter tolerances, saving material and increasing quality control.
"We are excited to have been selected over the nuclear gauge technology by a leading manufacturer to assist them in improving their manufacturing process and saving material. This is one of many markets we are working with globally to take the terahertz technology to the factory floor. The fact that we are able to deploy this non-destructive technology on the factory line makes it of great value to manufacturers, enabling them to effectively manage quality control during the production process," said Richard Kurtz, CEO of API.
The T-Ray 4000® produces ultra short pulses of terahertz light that allow a variety of unique and novel applications including simultaneously determining thicknesses of multiple layers, density of individual layers and looking for voids or de-laminations between multiple layers.  The excellent signal to noise ratio of the T-Ray® platform allows even thick samples to be scanned effectively.
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