Thursday, July 14, 2016

US Patent-Waveguide element

United States Patent 9391428
Inventors: Koyama, Yasushi (Kamakura, JP) Tateishi, Yoshinori (Naka-gun, JP)

Provided is a waveguide element, including: a waveguide for guiding an electromagnetic wave; a resonance antenna for radiating or receiving the electromagnetic wave, the resonance antenna being arranged at a part of the waveguide for radiating or receiving the electromagnetic wave; and an impedance matching portion for matching an impedance of the waveguide with an impedance of the resonance antenna so as to couple the waveguide to the resonance antenna. The waveguide includes: a first conductor layer and a second conductor layer each having a negative dielectric constant real part for the electromagnetic wave; and a core layer arranged between the first conductor layer and the second conductor layer. The core layer has one of a gain of the electromagnetic wave and nonlinearity of carriers for the electromagnetic wave

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