Friday, November 14, 2014

TU Delft-Terahertz scanning probe microscope

A wider range of materials can be researched

New materials require new instruments to understand and measure their complex electronic properties, in particular when they do not directly correlate with atomic positions.
By integrating a lens and an antenna in an atomic force microscope much higher frequencies can be applied to locally measure the complex impedance. Compared to previous solutions a wider range of materials can be researched with this microscope. >> Read more...  


  • Frequencies up to several THz can be applied without high radiation losses
  • The electronic properties of a wider range of materials can be measured, for instance, superconductors, polymers, magnetic materials and biological materials
  • wide frequency can be applied, from 10 GHz to several THz
  • The assembly makes the cantilever a modular item which can be used with an existing Atomic Force Microscope

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