Wednesday, July 13, 2016

US Patent-Terahertz electromagnetic wave generator, terahertz spectrometer and method of generating terahertz electromagnetic wave

United States Patent 9389124

Inventors:Takahashi, Kohei (Osaka, JP)  Kanno, Tsutomu (Kyoto, JP) Sakai, Akihiro (Nara, JP)  Yamada, Yuka (Nara, JP)

A terahertz electromagnetic wave generator according to the present disclosure includes: a substrate; a thermoelectric material layer which is supported by the substrate and which has a surface; and a pulsed laser light source system which locally heats the thermoelectric material layer with an edge of the surface of the thermoelectric material layer irradiated with pulsed light, thereby generating a terahertz electromagnetic wave from the thermoelectric material layer.

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