Thursday, December 8, 2016

Abstract-Hiding multi-level multi-color images in terahertz metasurfaces

Ashish Chanana, Andrew Paulsen, Sivaraman Guruswamy, and Ajay Nahata

Our work presents a novel technique to encode information onto terahertz metasurfaces comprised of geometrically identical unit cell arrays. Previous demonstrations on metasurfaces or frequency-selective surfaces have shown interesting concepts to engineer electromagnetic radiation, but such designs often require a spatial arrangement of geometrically varying unit cells, either by shape, size, orientation, etc. In some cases, the output response can be mapped by examining the arrangement of atoms. Here, we show that by fabricating an array of resonant structures that are nominally identical visually, but where individual structures can have different conductivities, we can hide image information that is revealed when imaged using the appropriate terahertz frequency and polarization. This is achieved because changes in the structure’s conductivity correspond to changes in the depth of the resonant absorption observed in transmission. Using the simplest unit cell consisting of a single dipole, we create images that have up to 9 different discernible gray levels when interrogated at a single frequency. When a slightly more complex cross structure is used in the unit cell, 36 discernible levels are encoded in the image using two different polarizations. Finally, when the unit cell consists of multiple dipoles designed for multiple frequencies, we observe 64 unique colors in an encoded image. We believe our results present a unique approach for hiding information that could be applied to security-related applications.
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