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Terasense THz imaging cameras for THz-TDs and THz-FDS.
San Jose, CA – 6 December 2015
SAN JOSE, CA, USA, December 6, 2015 / -- Terasense in collaboration with Toptica Photonics has recently unveiled the first imaging camera intended for time-domain and frequency-domain generation systems. The picture shows Dr. Viacheslav Muravev, Vice President of Terasense Group, Inc. and Dr. Anselm Deninger, TOPTICA Photonics’ Product Manager shaking hands to secure results obtained by both companies in providing the THz community with easy to use, reasonably priced beam profiler / imager that may open new horizons for development of TDS and FDS systems.

TDS or Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and FDS or frequency-domain spectroscopy are now fully revolutionized by obtaining a perfect tool for TDS and FDS beam profile measurement. Terahertz imaging cameras by TeraSense employ high-grade technology backed by handy design, versatility and are more affordable price to common users. “Gone were the days where these systems are used exclusively by huge industries that command more income and larger portion of the pie when it comes to production. Our revolutionary product reaches the same levels of sophistication minus the hefty tag price,” further adds Muravev.
The deal was signed in March 2015 in Toptica Photonics headquarters in Germany. After months of development, the product is now refined and available for purchasing in Terasense wide distribution network worldwide.

The new camera enhanced for specific use in TDS and FDS systems have specifications of use in a range between 50 GHz to 0.7 THz frequency range. Both products achieve 50 fps and pixel size dimension of up to 1.5 x 1.5 mm2. Total power used is lower at 25 uW for the TDS enabled model, while its 48 uW average power for the FDS specified model. Image test results achieved are publicly available in Terasense website for further analysis and inspection of real time application. All other systems put in place are not available for purchase and used for indicative purposes only.

Terasense first slew of products are their innovative imaging equipment using terahertz technology with cameras that have varying pixelization capabilities. They have also recently unveiled the high-speed linear Terahertz cameras and the breakthrough of camera use for FDS and TDS systems. More products are slated for introduction later this year or in 2016.

Terasense is comprised of 20 skilled scientists and engineers who have specializations in the field of microwave and terahertz research representing young generations of Russian physicists. The team is led by two esteemed members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Igor Kukushkin, who is the current CEO and Prof. Vladimir Volkov, their Chief Technical Officer. Together their 20 man team has already made scientific breakthroughs that got widespread attention in more than 300 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. Their main line of products are affordable, easy to use cameras, diodes, detectors and optics, geared at a larger consumer market base, reachable at reasonable prices. 

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