Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dr. Irl Duling, Director of Terahertz Business Development, at Picometrix, provides a wonderful comparison of the THz emitted by the T-Ray 4000 equipment to the power used in the recent article showing stem cell response to THz radiation

On January 3rd, I posted an article here,
which linked to the recent study entitled:
"Mammalian Stem Cells Reprogramming in Response to Terahertz Radiation"

This morning, I received the following email from Dr. Irl Duling, who is the Director of Terahertz Business Development for Picometrix, LLC (an API company), discussing how the THz radiation emitted by the T-Ray 4000, developed at Picometrix, compares to the THz radiation used in the above study:

" To compare the exposures that are used (in the article you have referenced,) with what is emitted by the T-Ray 4000 equipment:
Average power is the amount of energy per second emitted in a beam (integrated over time).
The average power of the source used in this paper is 1 milliwatt, while our equipment puts out 1 microwatt (1000 times less).

More importantly, the energy emitted by the source in this paper puts that energy into 1000 pulses per second, while our source spreads the energy over 50,000,000 pulses per second.  The consequence is that the peak power of each pulse in the study is 50,000,000 times higher than the pulses emitted from our equipment.  The difference is like tapping on your hand rapidly with a pencil or repeatedly dropping a locomotive on it.
Even at this level of impact, it took 9 hours to see an effect.

Best regards,
Irl Duling
Irl Duling, PhD
Director of Terahertz Business Development
Picometrix, LLC (an API company)"

THANK YOU, Dr. Duling, for taking time to share your insights and explanation with us! I would like some of you, that read this blog, help me respond to enormous number of blogs, which almost daily post, unsupported claims that current THz scanners damage DNA. Please link this post, or blog, (along with the earlier post of Dr. Daniel Mittleman,
to help educate and defuse this ignorance.
Terahertz radiation, is part of your daily world already. You can’t escape exposure to it.  Both mid-infrared and terahertz radiations are ubiquitous since they are significant part of blackbody radiation from any objects (including human bodies and cars etc.) around room temperature.

Hence, it's my understanding you receive much more artificial THz exposure from the light-bulb in your  house, or from other warm objects in the ambient environment, than from the weak exposure for a short period of time from current THz scanners.

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