Saturday, April 16, 2016

Abstract-Salient Features of Deeply Subwavelength Guiding of Terahertz Radiation in Graphene-Coated Fibers
Artur R. Davoyan and Nader Engheta
Here we discuss theoretically some of the notable features of modal characteristics in the graphene-coated deeply subwavelength fiber waveguide, providing a performance comparison between this guided-wave structure and some other typical THz waveguides. We highlight a cut-off free propagation of a fundamental graphene-plasmon mode with an effective mode area, which can in principle be smaller than (λ/100)2. We also discuss the phonon-plasmon hybridization that is expected for waveguides with polar dielectric core (e.g., SiO2 and SiC). We believe that this guiding structure, being at the intersection of optics and electronics, may pave a way for a variety of nanoscience applications.

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