Sunday, July 15, 2018

Abstract-Visualization of subsurface damage in woven carbon fiber-reinforced composites using polarization-sensitive terahertz imaging

Junliang Dong, Pascal Pomarède, Lynda Chehami, Alexandre Locquet, Fodil Meraghni, Nico F.Declercq, D.S.Citrin,

    Polarization-sensitive terahertz imaging is applied to characterize subsurface damage in woven carbon fiber-reinforced composite laminates in this study. Terahertz subsurface spectral imaging based on terahertz deconvolution is tailored and applied to detect, in a nondestructive fashion, the subsurface damage within the first ply of the laminate caused by a four-point bending test. Subsurface damage types, including matrix cracking, fiber distortion/fracture, as well as intra-ply delamination, are successfully characterized. Our results show that, although the conductivity of carbon fibers rapidly attenuates terahertz propagation with depth, the imaging capability of terahertz radiation on woven carbon fiber-reinforced composites can nonetheless be significantly enhanced by taking advantage of the terahertz polarization and terahertz deconvolution. The method demonstrated in this study is capable of extracting and visualizing a number of fine details of the subsurface damage in woven carbon fiber-reinforced composites, and the results achieved are confirmed by comparative studies with X-ray tomography.

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