Friday, June 8, 2018

Abstract-Layer thickness dependence of the terahertz emission based on spin current in ferromagnetic heterostructures

H. S. Qiu, K. Kato, K. Hirota, N. Sarukura, M. Yoshimura, and M. Nakajima

The emission with a bandwidth of 1.5 terahertz based on the spin current in the ferromagnetic heterostructure Co/Pt is demonstrated. The spin transient launched by the NIR femtosecond laser pulse in the Co/Pt is converted into the in-plane charge current due to the inverse spin Hall effect, which gives rise to the terahertz emission towards free space. The dependence of the terahertz emission on the Pt-layer thickness is investigated. To optimize the geometry structure of the new type of emitter, we developed the theoretical model by carefully analyzing the spin transport. Our model reveals the importance to take into account the interfacial spin loss. It can be used to analyze more complex heterostructures.
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