Friday, June 8, 2018

Abstract-Analysis of Temperature based Power Spectrum in EDFA and YDFA with different pump power for THz applications

  • P. Jeyarajan
  • P.G. Kuppusamy
  • T.V.P. Sundararajan
  • M.R. Thiyagupriyadharsan
  • Z. AhamedYasar
  • R. Maheswar
  • Iraj S. Amiri,

    The indispensible output power spectrum for Optical amplifier system in the presence of temperature using EDFA and YDFA is numerically investigated. The notion of temperature suggested as -30 °C, 30 °C, 60 °C, 90 °C. Each output spectrum has been analyzed at -30°C, 30°C, 60°C,90°C in both EDFA and YDFA systems. The output power at the point of two maxima as 26.829 dBm and 23.260 dBm at wavelengths 1530 nm and 1550 nm for EDFA, maximum output power as -6.499 dBm at wavelength 1043nm for YDFA system are examined keeping 900 mw pump power and 60°C temperature. Similarly, the maximum output power is analyzed as -6.499 dBm at the wavelength of 1043 nm for the same pump power and temperature in YDFA system. Also the results have been plotted for various pump power and temperature. Keywords: EDFA, YDFA, power spectrum, temperature, pump power.

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