Thursday, October 12, 2017

Abstract-Ultrahigh birefringence, ultralow material loss porous core single-mode fiber for terahertz wave guidance

Kawsar Ahmed, Sawrab Chowdhury, Bikash Kumar Paul, Md. Shadidul Islam, Shuvo Sen, Md. Ibadul Islam, and Sayed Asaduzzaman

In this paper, a novel polarization-maintaining single-mode photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has been suggested for terahertz (THz) transmission applications. The reported PCF has five layers of hexagonal cladding with two layers of porous core. The cladding and core territory of the PCF are constituted by circular and elliptical air cavities, accordingly acting as a dielectric medium. Different geometrical parameters of the proposed PCF including pitches and diameters of circular air holes with the major and minor axes of elliptical air cavities being varied with the optimized structure. Various effects on the proposed PCF such as eccentricity and porosity effects are also carefully investigated. The numerical process is investigated by one of the most popular methods, the finite element method (FEM). All numerical computational results have revealed the ultrahigh birefringence in the order of 1.19×1002 as well as the ultralow bulk absorption material loss of 0.0689  cm1 at the 1 THz activation frequency. Besides, the V-parameter is also investigated for checking the proposed fiber modality. The proposed single-mode porous core hexagonal PCF is expected to be useful for convenient broadband transmission and numerous applications in the areas of THz technology.
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