Saturday, August 12, 2017

Abstract-Study progess on FET-based Terahertz wave generation and detection

Jin He,  Guoqing Hu,  Zhiping Zhou,   GuangJin Ma,  YanDong He, Mansun Chan,  Lei Song,

Extensive and much attention have been injected to Terahertz (THZ) technologies in recent years due to its potential application in remote sensing, biomedical, and space communication. Compare with others, FET based THZ devices have a lot of advantages such as frequency tunable, structure compact and room temperature workable. The work in the ULTRA group explored the field effect transistor-based THZ generation and detecting mechanism, simulation tool, compact modeling, size effect, energy band engineering, so to develop the FET-based THZ device physics theory, provide the new simulation tool, build an efficient compact model. The work deliverables will help device scientists and circuit designers deeply understand the pontential and function of the silicon-based FET application in the THZ field, know how to realize the optimized device performance from the fine processing technology and structure design.

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