Thursday, June 22, 2017

Abstract-850 GHz Receiver and Transmitter Front-Ends Using InP HEMT

Kevin M. K. H. Leong,   Xiaobing Mei,  Wayne H. Yoshida, Alexis Zamora,   Jose G. Padilla, Ben S. Gorospe,   Khanh Nguyen,  William R. Deal,

This paper reports on development of 850 GHz band receiver and transmitter front-ends using a new generation of 25 nm indium phosphide high electron mobility transistor engineered for high maximum frequency of oscillation fMAX and cut-off frequency fT. Integrated circuits in this technology are used for all receiver and transmitter functions, including low noise amplification and power amplification directly at 850 GHz, as well as frequency conversion. This paper provides a detailed summary of process capability, integrated circuit design and packaging, and an overview of the receiver and transmitter front-ends.

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