Saturday, April 1, 2017

Abstract-Observation of dehydration dynamics in biological tissues with terahertz digital holography

Lihan Guo, Xinke Wang, Peng Han, Wenfeng Sun, Shengfei Feng, Jiasheng Ye, and Yan Zhang
A terahertz (THz) digital holographic imaging system is utilized to investigate natural dehydration processes in three types of biological tissues, including cattle, mutton, and pork. An image reconstruction algorithm is applied to remove the diffraction influence of THz waves and further improve clarity of THz images. From THz images of different biological specimens, distinctive water content as well as dehydration features of adipose and muscle tissues are precisely distinguished. By analyzing THz absorption spectra of these samples, temporal evolution characteristics of the absorbances for adipose and muscle tissues are described and compared in detail. Discrepancies between water retention ability of different animal tissues are also discussed. The imaging technique provides a valuable measurement platform for biological sensing.
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