Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Abstract-Analysis of Granular Packing Structure by Scattering of THz Radiation

Scattering methods are widespread used to characterize the structure and constituents of matter on small length scales. This motivates this introductory text on identifying prospective approaches to scattering-based methods for granular media. A survey to light scattering by particles and particle ensembles is given. It is elaborated why the established scattering methods using X-rays and visible light cannot in general be transferred to granular media. Spectroscopic measurements using Terahertz radiation are highlighted as they to probe the scattering properties of granular media, which are sensitive to the packing structure. Experimental details to optimize spectrometer for measurements on granular media are discussed. We perform transmission measurements on static and agitated granular media using Fourier-transform spectroscopy at the THz beamline of the BessyII storage ring. The measurements demonstrate the potential to evaluate degrees of order in the media and to track transient structural states in agitated bulk granular media.

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