Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Abstract-Simultaneous Stabilization of Gyrotron Frequency and Power by PID Double Feedback Control on the Acceleration and Anode Voltages


  • E. M. Khutoryan
  • T. Idehara
  • A. N. Kuleshov
  • Y. Tatematsu
  • Y. Yamaguchi
  • Y. Matsuki
  • T. Fujiwara
    • In this paper, we present the results of simultaneous stabilization of both the frequency and the output power by a double PID feedback control on the acceleration and anode voltages in the 460-GHz gyrotron FU CW GVI, also known as “Gyrotron FU CW GO-1” (according to the nomenclature adopted at Osaka University). The approach used in the experiments is based on the modulation of the cyclotron frequency and the pitch factor (velocity ratio) of the electron beam by varying the acceleration and the anode voltages, respectively. In a long-term experiment, the frequency and power stabilities were made to be better than ±10−6 and ±1%, respectively.

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