Sunday, February 12, 2017

Abstract-A high-order mode extended interaction klystron at 0.34 THz

Dongyang Wang, Guangqiang Wang,   Jianguo Wang, Shuang Li, Peng Zeng, Yan Teng,

We propose the concept of high-order mode extended interaction klystron (EIK) at the terahertz band. Compared to the conventional fundamental mode EIK, it operates at the TM31-2π mode, and its remarkable advantage is to obtain a large structure and good performance. The proposed EIK consists of five identical cavities with five gaps in each cavity. The method is discussed to suppress the mode competition and self-oscillation in the high-order mode cavity. Particle-in-cell simulation demonstrates that the EIK indeed operates at TM31-2π mode without self-oscillation while other modes are well suppressed. Driven by the electron beam with a voltage of 15 kV and a current of 0.3 A, the saturation gain of 43 dB and the output power of 60 W are achieved at the center frequency of 342.4 GHz. The EIK operating at high-order mode seems a promising approach to generate high power terahertz waves.

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