Monday, February 13, 2017

Abstract-Simulation of rectangular TE10 to circular TE11 terahertz mode converters

J. R. Garner,   L. Zhang,  C. R. Donaldson,  A. W. Cross,  A. D. R. Phelps,  W. He,

Two designs of fundamental mode rectangular to circular waveguide TE10 to TE11 mode converter are presented. The waveguide transitions are optimized for operation as an input coupler on a 372 GHz gyro-TWA for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) enhancement of NMR imaging. A T-junction input coupler and a multiple hole directional coupler were optimized for operation between 360-384 GHz. The T-junction coupler and the multiple hole coupler exhibited bandwidths of 10% and 35% respectively with a high coupling factor of > -1 dB.

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