Saturday, December 3, 2016

United States Patent Application 20160351489-SUB-TERAHERTZ/TERAHERTZ INTERCONNECT

United States Patent Application 20160351489
Gu, Qun (Davis, CA, US) 
Liu, Xiaoguang (Davis, CA, US) 
Luhmann Jr., Neville C. (Walnut Creek, CA, US) 
Yu, Bo (Davis, CA, US)

An interconnect is described that comprises an interconnect channel, and two channel couplers coupled to the two ends of the interconnect channel through respective stoppers that provide a gap between the channel couplers and the interconnect channel. Each channel coupler can comprise a coplanar waveguide, a microstrip line, and a patch-antenna based coupler. The interconnect can enable communication between integrated circuits using signal waves having a frequency between 100 GHz and 3 THz.

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