Friday, December 2, 2016

Abstract-Extraction-controlled terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers with a diagonal LO-phonon extraction and injection stage

Y. J. Han, L. H. Li, A. Grier, L. Chen, A. Valavanis, J. Zhu, J. R. Freeman, N. Isac, R. Colombelli, P. Dean, A. G. Davies, and E. H. Linfield
We report an extraction-controlled terahertz (THz)-frequency quantum cascade laser design in which a diagonal LO-phonon scattering process is used to achieve efficient current injection into the upper laser level of each period and simultaneously extract electrons from the adjacent period. The effects of the diagonality of the radiative transition are investigated, and a design with a scaled oscillator strength of 0.45 is shown experimentally to provide the highest temperature performance. A 3.3 THz device processed into a double-metal waveguide configuration operated up to 123 K in pulsed mode, with a threshold current density of 1.3 kA/cm2 at 10 K. The QCL structures are modeled using an extended density matrix approach, and the large threshold current is attributed to parasitic current paths associated with the upper laser levels. The simplicity of this design makes it an ideal platform to investigate the scattering injection process.
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