Friday, August 19, 2016

Abstract-Development of thick film, CMOS compatible planar millimetre-wave antenna for antennas in package applications

    L. K. Sandoval Granados, R. S. Murphy Arteaga,
In this work, PI2611 polyimide is proposed as the dielectric layer to be able to integrate 60 GHz antennas into RF-chips. For this work, six layers were deposited on a silicon wafer using a multiple spin-coating process that included two final hard-bakes. The spin-coating process, however, can be repeated to obtain the desired thickness, thus eliminating the technological restriction existing in materials with different a coefficient of thermal expansion than that of silicon, where only two or three soft bakes and one hard-bake processes are allowed, restricting the final thickness to a few microns. The film was characterized using a profilometer (force 2 mg and resolution 0.5 µm), showing excellent planarity and stability for one cured-layer. The film was also used to fabricate a coplanar waveguide antenna for the 60 GHz band. The antenna was designed using a finite element 3D full-wave electromagnetic solver, and the measurements were performed with a Vector Network Analyser and RF-probes over a wide frequency range (between 20–67 GHz). A very good agreement between the simulated and experimental data validates the design and manufacturing methodologies.

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