Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Abstract-Terahertz emission from CdHgTe/HgTe quantum wells with an inverted band structure

  • G. Yu. Vasilyeva
  • Yu. L. Ivánov
  • A. O. Zakhar’in
  • A. V. Andrianov
  • L. E. Vorobiev
  • D. A. Firsov
  • M. N. Grigoriev
    • A. V. Antonov
    • A. V. Ikonnikov
    • V. I. Gavrilenko,
The terahertz electroluminescence from Cd0.7Hg0.3Te/HgTe quantum wells with an inverted band structure in lateral electric fields is experimentally detected and studied. The emission-spectrum maximum for wells 6.5 and 7 nm wide is near 6 meV which corresponds to interband optical transitions. The emission is explained by state depletion in the valence band and conduction band filling due to Zener tunneling, which is confirmed by power-law current–voltage characteristics.

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