Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Abstract-Development of a wavefront sensor for terahertz pulses

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Emmanuel Abraham, Harsono Cahyadi, Mathilde Brossard, Jérôme Degert, Eric Freysz, and Takeshi Yasui

Wavefront characterization of terahertz pulses is essential to optimize far-field intensity distribution of time-domain (imaging) spectrometers or increase the peak power of intense terahertz sources. In this paper, we report on the wavefront measurement of terahertz pulses using a Hartmann sensor associated with a 2D electro-optic imaging system composed of a ZnTe crystal and a CMOS camera. We quantitatively determined the deformations of planar and converging spherical wavefronts using the modal Zernike reconstruction least-squares method. Associated with deformable mirrors, the sensor will also open the route to terahertz adaptive optics.
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