Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TeraView granted 70th patent for ongoing Innovation in terahertz

Date Announced: 12 Jan 2016

Photo (right): TeraView's new spectrometer and imaging bench-top unit, the TeraPulse 4000

Cambridge, UK – TeraView, the pioneer and leader in terahertz technology and solutions, is pleased to announce the award of its 70th patent, further strengthening TeraView’s position as the leading provider of intellectual property and know-how to our customers. The patent covers the use of Terahertz light in the detection of faults and quality variations in chips used in smart phones and tablet PCs, important for the next generations of consumer mobile computing and communications devices.
Recent patents also cover tablet coating thickness and integrity in drug formulation and production, as well as high performance Terahertz sources for use in R&D and industrial applications. Along with an expanding customer base, these patents further underpin TeraView's leadership in both the development of Terahertz products, and their implementation as solutions for specific business issues.
A key component to TeraView's intellectual property is its know-how and experience across a range of application areas:
  • In the semiconductor industry, TeraView has developed proprietary methods in Terahertz reflectometry for establishing the location of faults in advanced semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) with high resolution, as well as measuring the thickness of polymer layers used in such ICs.
  • Other patents cover applications on car paints and other high value coatings.
  • In security and medical imaging, TeraView’s pioneering work has led to new means of detecting and identifying explosives and cancer with Terahertz light, with capabilities not available using other imaging and measurement modalities.
This body of intellectual property provides industry partners with product and process knowledge not available elsewhere. The depth and breadth of this intellectual property is the result of substantial Company investment over the past decade. TeraView has assembled a team of world-class scientists and engineers who closely support customers, from evaluation through to deployment, as well as providing on-going customer support.
Another key component of TeraView's patent portfolio covers critical aspects of product performance, notably the unrivalled signal to noise and bandwidth of imaging and spectroscopy systems, which are fundamental enablers for industrial applications. The Company has also made proprietary advances in the generation, detection and manipulation of Terahertz light using both pulsed and continuous wave platforms.
Dr Don Arnone, Chief Executive Officer of TeraView, commented: "The award of our 70th patent is a significant milestone. We are intensely proud of our team and their achievements which have maintained us in a leadership position. Importantly, our intellectual property has been driven by market requirements, and its real value is our ability to put it to work for customers to support their current and future business needs." 
About Teraview
TeraView is the world’s first and leading company solely focused upon the application of Terahertz light to provide solutions to customer issues. A spin out from the Toshiba Corporation and Cambridge University, TeraView has developed its proprietary technology across a number of markets. These include fault analysis and quality assurance for semiconductor chips used in mobile computing and communications, as well as non destructive inspection of high value coatings used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food and solar industries. Headquartered in Cambridge UK, sales and customer support are available throughout the Far East, North America and Europe either directly or through a network of distributors.

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