Friday, January 29, 2016

Abstract-Dynamic creation of a light-induced terahertz guided-wave resonator

Lauren Gingras, François Blanchard, Marcel Georgin, and David G. Cooke

We demonstrate a dynamic light-induced resonator for terahertz (THz) frequency light created on ultrashort time scales inside a planar waveguide. The resonator is created by patterned femtosecond photoexcitation of a one-dimensional array of photoconductive regions inside a silicon-filled parallel plate waveguide. The metal-dielectric photonic crystal is created on a 2 ps time scale, ten times faster than the 20 ps transit time of the THz light through the array. The resonance reveals itself through narrowband THz transmission enhancement with accompanying phase modulation producing an induced group delay of up to 10.8 ps near resonance.
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