Friday, January 29, 2016

Abstract-Gyrotron with a sectioned cavity based on excitation of a far-from-cutoff operating mode

A typical problem of weakly relativistic low-power gyrotrons (especially in the case of operation at high cyclotron harmonics) is the use of long cavities ensuring extremely high diffraction Q-factors for the operating near-cutoff waves. As a result, a great share of the rf power radiated by electrons is spent in Ohmic losses. In this paper, we propose to use a sectioned cavity with π-shifts of the wave phase between sections. In such a cavity, a far-from-cutoff axial mode of the operating cavity having a decreased diffraction Q-factor is excited by the electron beam in a gyrotron-like regime.

(This paper is focused basically on the problems of the gyrotrons operating at high cyclotron harmonics in the terahertz frequency range)

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