Monday, December 14, 2015

Abstract-Free-Standing Metasurfaces for High-Efficiency Transmitarrays for Controlling Terahertz Waves

  1. Shuo Liu1,2
  2. Qiang Cheng1,3
  3. Quan Xu4,
  4. Tian Qi Wang1,2
  5. Liang Liang Du4
  6. Kang Luan1,2
  7. Yue Hong Xu4
  8. Di Bao1,2
  9. Xiao Jian Fu1,2
  10. Jia Guang Han4
  11. Wei Li Zhang3,4 and
  12. Tie Jun Cui1,3,*
Article first published online: 11 DEC 2015
DOI: 10.1002/adom.201500519;jsessionid=1E8BB761E0D01A393F30C1F518B17754.f01t04?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=

An ultrathin free-standing metasurface is proposed to bend the normally incident terahertz wave to an anomalous direction, or to focus plane wave to a point, with high efficiency. The flexibility and endurable nature of the proposed transmitarray make it a promising candidate for various THz applications such as time-domain system or THz imaging devices.

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