Sunday, December 13, 2015

Abstract-New terahertz dielectric spectroscopy for the study of aqueous solutions

We present the development of a high precision, tunable far-infrared (terahertz) frequency-domain dielectricspectrometer for studying the dynamics of biomolecules in aqueous solutions in the gigahertz-to-terahertz frequency. As an important benchmark system, we report on the measurements of the absorption and refractive index for liquid water in the frequency range from 5 GHz to 1.12 THz (0.17–37.36 cm−1 or 0.268–60 mm). The system provides a coherent radiation source with power up to 20 mW in the gigahertz-to-terahertz region. The dynamicrange of our instrument reaches 1012 and the system achieves a spectral resolution of less than 100 Hz. The temperature of samples can be controlled precisely with error bars of ±0.02 °C from 0 °C to 90 °C. Given these attributes, our spectrometer provides unique capabilities for the accurate measurement of even very strongly absorbing materials such as aqueous solutions.

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