Monday, October 5, 2015

Abstract-Ultralow temperature terahertz magnetic thermodynamics of perovskite-like SmFeO3 ceramic.

Xiaojian FuXinxi ZengDongyang WangHao Chi ZhangJiaguang HanTie Jun Cui

The terahertz magnetic properties of perovskite-like SmFeO3 ceramic are investigated over a broad temperature range, especially at ultralow temperatures, using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. It is shown that both resonant frequencies of quasi-ferromagnetic and quasi-antiferromagnetic modes have blue shifts with the decreasing temperature due to the enhancement of effective magnetic field. The temperature-dependent magnetic anisotropy constants are further estimated using the resonant frequencies, under the approximation of omitting the contribution of Sm(3+) magnetic moments to the effective field. Specially, the effective anisotropy constants in the ca and cb planes at 3 K are 6.63 × 10(5) erg/g and 8.48 × 10(5) erg/g, respectively. This thoroughly reveals the terahertz magnetic thermodynamics of orthoferrites and will be beneficial to the application in terahertz magnetism.

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