Monday, October 5, 2015

Abstract-A polarization-independent terahertz plasmon-induced transparency metamaterial based on hybrid graphene-gold structure for bio-sensing

Xiaolei Zhaoa*Cai YuanbWenhua LvacShilin Xua &Jianquan Yaoa

A polarization-independent terahertz metamaterial based on hybrid graphene-gold structure with excellent refractive index sensing characteristics is proposed. The proposed structure exhibits a sharply narrow plasmon-induced transparency peak in the transmission spectrum at the terahertz regime. Obvious frequency shift in the transparency peak can be observed by varying the surrounding medium’s refractive index or the Fermi level in graphene, which can be well applied in bio-sensing technology. Moreover, an electrical RLC circuit model is used to provide a reasonable explanation for the optical response process in the proposed structure. Our work can offer reference value for the application of graphene technology as well as new idea for designing novel biosensors.

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