Thursday, September 17, 2015

Abstract-Terahertz quantum plasmonics of nano-slot antennas in nonlinear regime.

Kim JYKang BJPark JBahk YMKim WTRhie JJeon HRotermund FKim DS.

Quantum tunneling in plasmonic nanostructures has presented an interesting aspect of incorporating quantum mechanics into classical optics. However, the study has been limited to the sub-nanometer gap regime. Here, we newly extend quantum plasmonics to gap widths well over 1 nm by taking advantage of the low-frequency terahertz regime. Enhanced electric fields of up to 5 V/nm induce tunneling of electrons in different arrays of ring-shaped nano-slot antennas of gap widths from 1.5 nm to 10 nm, which lead to a significant nonlinear transmission decrease. These observations are consistent with theoretical calculations considering terahertz-funneling-induced electron tunneling across the gap.

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