Friday, August 21, 2015

Abstract-Negative terahertz conductivity in remotely doped graphene bilayer heterostructures

Dinh Van Tuan, Stephan Roche

We report anomalous quantum transport features in bilayer graphene in presence of a random distribution of structural vacancies. By using an efficient real-space Kubo-Greenwood transport methodology, the impact of a varying density of dimer versus non-dimer vacancies is investigated in very large scale disordered models. While non-dimer vacancies are shown to induce localization regimes, dimer vacancies result in an unexpected ballistic regime whose energy window surprisingly enlarges with increasing impurity density. Such counterintuitive phenomenon is explained by the formation of an effective linear dispersion in the bilayer bandstructure, which roots in the symmetry breaking effects driven by dimer vacancies, and provides a novel realization of Dirac semimetals in high dimension.

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