Saturday, August 22, 2015

Abstract-Negative terahertz conductivity in remotely doped graphene bilayer heterostructures
Injection or optical generation of electrons and holes in graphene bilayers (GBLs) can result in the interband population inversion enabling the terahertz (THz) radiation lasing. The intraband radiative processes compete with the interband transitions. We demonstrate that remote doping enhances the indirect interband generation of photons in the proposed GBL heterostructures. Therefore such remote doping helps surpassing the intraband (Drude) absorption and results in large absolute values of the negative dynamic THz conductivity in a wide range of frequencies at elevated (including room) temperatures. The remotely doped GBL heterostructure THz lasers are expected to achieve higher THz gain compared to previously proposed GBL-based THz lasers.

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