Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abstract-Plasmon-induced transparency effect in a single circular split-ring core ring resonator side-coupled to a metal-isolator-metal waveguide

We theoretically and numerically investigated the plasmon-induced transparency (PIT) effect in a single circular split-ring core ring resonator (CSRCRR) side coupled to a metal–isolator–metal waveguide, in which we can realize a single PIT effect window. The transmission linetheory and the coupled mode theory are used. The results (transmission peak varies from 10% to 75%) show that the PIT window results from the destructive interference between the resonance modes in the CSRCRR. Then, the limit of wavelength detuning of the two modes in CSRCRR is studied. This work provides a new structure to realize the PIT effect and shows a new way to judge whether the phenomenon is the real PIT effect or not.

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