Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scio- Near IR handheld spectrometer?

My Note: Sadly, I'm way behind the curve on learning about Scio, which is a handheld near IR spectrometer which is being marketed by an company called Consumer Physics. 

There is reason to be skeptical of the claims, so do your own due diligence before spending any money on this product. (The cost for the basic unit, which is not yet being shipped is $249.00).

The following information on Scio comes from Google Scio Research::

Introduction: What is SCiO?
SCiO is a rectangular shaped, palmed sized device that is described as “The first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand” (SCiO). In other words, it’s a device that allows users to shine a light onto any object to find out what its contents are. Introduced by two Israeli scientists Drar Sharon and Damian Goldring under their co-founded business, Consumer Physics, this spectroscope is connected to a database which sends information to your smart phone to an app.
A popular and simple demonstration is using SCiO to identify the contents of an apple. The user shines it’s light one half inch away from an apple, and information retrieved by the light will be sent to the users phone to first identify that it is a fruit, and then other specific measurements (SCiO). It tells how many calories are in the apple as well as other nutrition information such as sugar or fat content per 100 grams. SCiO can also tell if there are pesticides on the apple or other desirable or undesirable substances, and can tell you the breakdown of alcohol, lotions, leather, jewels, medicine, and the levels of dehydration (Blackburn).
            This unique new invention can have a significant impact on people’s lifestyles because they can get direct and exact measurements about what they are going to consume through technological means rather than relying on the promise of a company. The purpose of this paper is to describe SCiO and its benefits, security aspects, legal aspects, and potential advancements (Last Gadget Standing SCiO).
Technical information
            SCiO works by using a micro spectrometer, more specifically a near infrared spectrometer commonly abbreviated in scientific journals as (NIRS/NIR). This instruments often seen in labs as a big bulky machine, has been reduced to the size of a letter key on a standard keyboard (SCiO). This spectrometer works by shining a near infrared light, a specifics spectrum that has the unique ability to retrieve wealth of information because is just the right frequency to measure the vibrations of molecules and certain behaviors they have when the light hits them (Workman). SCiO then receives the light reflected back from the object and breaks it down into a spectrum (SCiO). This information is sent to a cloud for analysis, formed by Consumer Physics, and then that information is sent to the app on your cell phone. The cloud that analyzes the figures is an ever-growing database, and every time a person scans a material, they are contributing to the construction of the world’s largest catalogue of materials, and in a sense helping SCiO learn (Blackburn).

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