Monday, December 29, 2014

Abstract- High Efficiency SiC Terahertz Source in Mixed Tunnelling Avalanche Transit Time Mode

Pranati PandaSatya Narayana PadhiGana Nath Dash
Electron Devices Group, School of Physics, Sambalpur University, Burla, India.

High frequency properties of 4H-SiC double drift region (DDR) Mixed Tunnelling Avalanche Transit Time (MITATT) diodes are studied through computer simulation method. It is interesting to observe that the efficiency of SiC (flat) DDR MITATT diode (16%) is more than 4 times that of Si (flat) DDR MITATT diode (3.59%). In addition, a power output of more than 15 times from the SiC MITATT diode compared to the Si MITATT diode is commendable. A reduced noise measure of 17.71 dB from a low-high-low (lo-hi-lo) structure compared to that of 21.5 dB from a flat structure of SiC is indicative of the favourable effect of tunnelling current on the MITATT diode performance.

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