Monday, September 29, 2014

Advanced Photonix discloses some names of it's industrial customers

My Note: Advanced Photonix (API),  has been very "close to the vest", in providing any information at all  about the names of the early industrial adopters who are purchasing their Terahertz line of products. Over the weekend, API, posted the materials they provided to participants at the 2014 Liolos ConferencePresentation: 

For the first time, private investors like myself got a glimpse of who are some of these early industrial users of API terahertz products including the T-Gauge, and which includes:

1. General Electrics, deployed for use in NDT, (Non-destructive testing)

2. Tamko, deployed for use in roofing materials. 

3. ABB, deployed for process control / paper. 

4. Carlisle, deployed for process control Theromoplastic Olefin (TPO)

5. Firestone, which is also using for TPO, process control,  at it's Welford plant, and for EPDM inspection at it's Prescott plant.

6. Berry Plastics for use inspection/process control of multilayer foam. 

I note that I don't believe this is a complete list of the current industrial users and this list is certain to grow significantly over time. Getting the door to industrial use open, has been a long time coming, and will make the sales process much easier for subsequent suppliers of THz equipment. 

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