Friday, May 22, 2020

Abstract-Graphene-embedded coding metasurface for dynamic terahertz manipulation

Chen Zhou, Xiao-qing Peng, Jiu-sheng Li
Fig. 1. (a) Three-dimensional coding elementFig. 3. (a) and (b) circularly polarization reflection amplitude and phase of 2-bit…Fig. 5. (a), (c) and (e) 3D far-field scattering patterns and far-field patterns in…

With the rapid development of terahertz wave technology and application systems, the dynamic manipulation of terahertz radiation is highly needed. We have investigated the performances of a graphene-embedded coding metasurface that can dynamically control the terahertz wave transmission. The coding element consists of gold substrate, silicon-polyimide interlayer and the top graphene-embedded metallic pattern that can realize abrupt reflection phase shift by adjusting the graphene Fermi level. Especially, by changing the Fermi energy of the graphene through bias voltage and pre-designed coding sequence, the new coding metasurface structure can control the reflected terahertz wave beams to various directions. The method brings us much freedom in design of terahertz wave manipulation device.

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