Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Abstract-Broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber with two interlaced fishnet layers

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Siyu Tan, Fengping Yan,  Ningning Xu, Jingjing Zheng, Wei Wang, Weili Zhang,

Schematic of the proposed broadband metamaterial absorber: (a) the two interlaced square fishnet layers and the ground plane are separated by two identical polyimide spacers with the thickness h = 20 μm. (b) Microscopic graph of the fabricated sample. (c) and (d): The unit cell of the middle layer and the top layer with l = 150 μm, w1 = 35 μm and w2 = 15 μm.

The realization of broadband absorption in the terahertz regime is of significant interest in high-sensitive signal detection and modulation. Previously, multi-layer metamaterials have been proposed and demonstrated to expand the absorption bandwidth by clustering multiple closely-positioned structures with different absorption peaks. Here, we proposed an alternative design for broadband metamaterial absorption by incorporating two interlaced fishnet layers, and achieved a broadband absorber with a full-width at half-maximum of about 0.99 THz. We also investigated the impact of the relative position of the two fishnet layers in the form of frequency tuning and expanding the absorption band.

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