Friday, July 6, 2018

Abstract-The Role of Scattering in Quasi-Ordered Structures for Terahertz Imaging: Local Order Can Increase an Image Quality

Irina N. Dolganova, Kirill I. Zaytsev,  Stanislav O. Yurchenko, Valeriy E. Karasik, Valery V. Tuchin

In this paper, we propose a computational approach for description of radiation transfer in a quasi-ordered medium and study the impact of scattering on electromagnetic wave propagation and image formation. It combines finite-difference time-domain method, Monte Carlo simulations, and radiative transfer theory. Using as an example terahertz imaging, we analyze modulation transfer function (MTF) of imaging system operated at 0.25 THz for scattering material layers placed between the object and the imaging plane. We experimentally study imaging of bar-pattern test-objects through a quasi-ordered scattering medium. Both numerical and experimental results are in good agreement and demonstrate an impact of quasi-ordered scatterers on quality of THz images, i.e. particular combination of the electromagnetic wavelength and parameters of scattering materials could enhance MTF compared with ones with random particle structures.

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