Friday, June 1, 2018

Abstract-Tunable multiband plasmonic response of indium antimonide touching microrings in the terahertz range

Maryam Moridsadat, Saeed Golmohammadi,  Hamed Baghban,
In this paper, we propose a terahertz (THz) plasmonic structure that supports three resonance modes, including the charge transfer plasmon (CTP), the bonding dipole–dipole plasmon, and the antibonding dipole–dipole plasmon, which can be strongly tuned by geometrical parameters, passively, and the temperature, actively. The structure exhibits a considerable thermal sensitivity of more than 0.01 THz/K. The introduced multiband and tunable THz plasmonic structures offer important applications in thermal switches, thermo-optical modulators, broadband filters, design of multifunctional molecules originating from the multiband specification of the proposed structure, and improvement in plasmonic sensor applications stemming from a detailed study of the CTP mode.
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