Sunday, June 10, 2018

Abstract-Tunable multi-band terahertz absorber based on a one-dimensional heterostructure containing semiconductor

Yang Liu,  Sheng-Qiu Xu, Ming Liu, Xin-Guang Hu, Yong-Fa Duan, Lin Yi

The absorption properties of a simple layered heterostructure composed of semiconductor and dielectric are analyzed by transfer matrix method. The numerical results indicate that such a structure can serve as a tunable multi-band terahertz perfect absorber. This phenomenon is due to the photon localization in the semiconductor layer at particular wavelengths and the presence of the damping factor of semiconductor layer. The number of the absorption peaks can be tuned by changing the thickness of the semiconductor layer. Moreover, the influences coming from the incident angle and the temperature of semiconductor on the absorption properties are also numerically studied.

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