Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Abstract-Strong Coupling of Epsilon-Near-Zero Phonon Polaritons in Polar Dielectric Heterostructures

Nikolai Christian Passler, Christopher R. Gubbin, Thomas Folland, I. Razdolski, D. Scott Katzer, D. F. Storm, Martin Wolf, Simone De Liberato, Joshua D Caldwell, Alexander Paarmann,

We report the first observation of epsilon near zero (ENZ) phonon polaritons in an ultrathin AlN film fully hybridized with surface phonon polaritons (SPhP) supported by the adjacent SiC substrate. Employing a strong coupling model for the analysis of the dispersion and electric field distribution in these hybridized modes, we show that they share the most prominent features of the two precursor modes. The novel ENZ-SPhP coupled polaritons with a highly propagative character and deeply sub-wavelength light confinement can be utilized as building blocks for future infrared and terahertz (THz) nanophotonic integration and communication devices.

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