Thursday, June 21, 2018

Abstract-Off-resonance and in-resonance metamaterial design for a high-transmission terahertz-wave quarter-wave plate

Zhengli Han, Seigo Ohno, Yu Tokizane, Kouji Nawata, Takashi Notake, Yuma Takida, and Hiroaki Minamide

This Letter describes a novel metamaterial design by employing off-resonance and in-resonance excitation for a high-transmission terahertz-wave quarter-wave plate (QWP). The device is demonstrated with a thin film metamaterial with double-layer split ring resonators (SRRs). Different from a usual resonant metamaterial device, here we design the work frequency off from the inductor-capacitor (LC) resonance for the TE mode, while in a dipole resonance for the TM mode to obtain the artificial birefringence. Rectangular SRRs in this Letter provide a choice to optimize the off-resonance and in-resonance excitation, to assist the double-layer design for high transmission. Converting a linearly polarized wave to circular polarization with our QWP, the experiment confirms a transmittance of 0.8 and an ellipticity of 0.99 at 0.98 THz. The developed thin film device is flexible and has a thickness of 48 μm (sub-wavelength). This is an advantage for potential integration in systems where overall device compactness is required.
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