Thursday, June 7, 2018

Abstract-A Novel PZT-Based Traveling-Wave Micromotor With High Performance and Unconstrained Coaxial Rotation

 Feng Qin, Gang Dai,   Xiangyu Sun, Qinyin Xu, Yijia Du, Jingfu Bao

Traveling-wave ultrasonic micromotor is a promising technology for microactuation and nanopositioning. A special designed annular stator was proposed with the combination of two separate buffer structures to achieve high performance. Traveling-wave propagation with moving antinodes was observed and analyzed. The fabricated stator exhibits large displacement of 4.71 μm at 1 V and high quality factor of 220 with the central frequency of 101.6 kHz. The assembled rotor was actuated, and controllable rotate speed was achieved. The measured maximum torque reached to 2.63 μNm at 1.3 V and 101 kHz. Besides, unconstraint rotation with no lateral slip was found during the entire rotation process, indicating stable, uniform, and highly reliable actuation of the micromotor. [2018-0026]

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