Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Abstract-Design and analysis of novel microstrip patch antenna on photonic crystal in THz

Ritesh Kumar Kushwahaa,  P. Karrupanana, L.D. Malviyab,


Recent advancement of communication system requires low cost, minimal weight, low profile and high-performance antenna to execute the demand of the future realization. A high gain novel microstrip patch antenna design is proposed, based on the photonic crystal for terahertz (THz) spectral band applications. This antenna is mounted on polyimide substrate that employs Photonic Band Gap (PBG) crystal and the Gain of 7.934 dB, Directivity 8.612 dBi and VSWR close to unity at resonant frequency of 0.6308 THz. The proposed antenna model is compared with homogeneous polyimide substrate structure based microstrip patch antenna and analyzed the radiation characteristics. Moreover, the performance of designed antenna is investigated with different PBG cylindrical distance, PBG hole radius, curvature radius of patch and substrate heights. The projected design antenna has a bandwidth of 36.25 GHz and −10 dB impedance with operating frequency range varying from 0.6152 THz to 0.6514 THz, hence it can be utilized for detection of explosive and material characterization applications.

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