Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Abstract-Ultrafast magnetization modulation induced by the electric field component of a terahertz pulse in a ferromagnetic-semiconductor thin film

Tomoaki Ishii, Hiromichi Yamakawa, Toshiki Kanaki, Tatsuya Miyamoto, Noriaki Kida, Hiroshi Okamoto, Masaaki Tanaka,  Shinobu Ohya

High-speed magnetization control of ferromagnetic films using light pulses is attracting considerable attention and is increasingly important for the development of spintronic devices. Irradiation with a nearly monocyclic terahertz pulse, which can induce strong electromagnetic fields in ferromagnetic films within an extremely short time of less than ~1 ps, is promising for damping-free high-speed coherent control of the magnetization. Here, we successfully observe a terahertz response in a ferromagnetic-semiconductor thin film. In addition, we find that a similar terahertz response is observed even in a non-magnetic semiconductor and reveal that the electric-field component of the terahertz pulse plays a crucial role in the magnetization response through the spin-carrier interactions in a ferromagnetic-semiconductor thin film. Our findings will provide new guidelines for designing materials suitable for ultrafast magnetization reversal.

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